10 Factors that can cause your Car Insurance Rates to go up after an Accident

June 19, 2019


After an accident occurs, many people ask: will my car insurance rates go up after an accident if I report it to my insurance company? Because of this concern, people often do not report their claims for injuries or property damage, out of fear that their already high premium will go up to a price they can no longer afford, or worse, get dropped from their insurance.

The truth is, there are many statistical factors that go into whether your insurance rates will go up after an accident. One at-fault accident alone is not always enough to make your auto insurance rates and premiums go up. Below is a list of factors that insurance companies take into consideration in regards to raising your premiums:

    (1) Driving Record
    (2) Previous Tickets
    (3) Your Zip Code
    (4) The Type of Car you Drive
    (5) Your Gender
    (6) Your Age
    (7) Whether you’ve made claims on your insurance in the past (regardless of whether you were at-fault for those claims)
    (8) The amount of car accidents you have on your record
    (9) The period of time in which you have car accidents on your record (the closer together the potentially worse it is
    (10) The driving records of the people you live

As you can tell from the list above, there are many factors that insurance companies take into consideration. Many of these factors are out of your control, such as your age and gender. Additionally, just because you may have a few tickets or prior accidents on your record, that doesn’t always mean your rates will go up at all. Some insurance companies have accident forgiveness programs and other ways to make sure your rates do not go up. Regardless, it is never worth not filing a claim for damage or injuries out of fear of your rates going up. Get the help you need, and file your claim.


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