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General Questions

How much is my case worth?

There is no scientific formula to determine the value of your case. The value of your case depends on several factors including, but not limited to: the severity of your injuries; past and future medical bills; lost wages; prior or similar injuries and the amount of insurance coverage available. The Mantia Law Firm will gather all of the evidence necessary for the insurance company to evaluate your claim in the best possible light. We will also aggressively negotiate your claim and advise you of all offers made by the insurance company.

How does Mantia Law Firm gets paid?

The Mantia Law Firm is paid a percentage of the total recovery to the client. This percentage shall not be more than 33 1/3%, per the Florida Bar, for pre-suit representation. Additionally, if the client does not receive a settlement, the Mantia Law Firm does not take a fee, even if we have spent time working on your case.

Is the initial consultation free?

Yes! The initial consultation with the Mantia Law Firm is always free, even if you do not become our client. There is no obligation. We can meet with you at your convenience at our office, your home, your work or hospital to discuss your case. We also have night and weekend appointments available.

How long will my case take to resolve?

Every case is different. Typically, a case is resolved when the client’s medical treatment is completed. This depends on how severely injured the client is and what type of medical treatment a client receives. The Mantia Law Firm will do everything we can to resolve your claim as quickly as possible.

Can I get reimbursed for any of the out-of-pocket expenses I am having to pay?

Potentially, yes. If you have PIP Benefits available to you and depending what you have on your policy, you can be reimbursed for various out-of-pocket expenses. Such reimbursements include the following: mileage expenses to and from the doctor’s office; co-pays for prescriptions; time missed from work. Additionally, your collision deductible can be reimbursed by the at-fault insurance company, if you had to pay it out-of-pocket.

What should I do if the insurance company is calling me wanting a recorded statement?

Once you have been in an accident, it is common for both your insurance company and the at-fault party’s insurance to want a recorded statement from you. These statements can be for various purposes, such as to qualify you for PIP, to get your side of the story, or to find out more about your injuries. Because these statements are recorded, and what you say can be used against you for liability purposes, it is best not give a statement to any insurance company, until you have an attorney who can advise you on how to proceed with the statements. Not all statements are required, and if one is required, your attorney should be on the line with you. The Mantia Law Firm will assist you with this process, and determine what statements, if any are needed.

Is the claim for getting my vehicle repaired or totaled different from my injury claim?

Yes and no. If the same insurance company is handling your injury and property damage claim, they will typically operate under the same claim number, but that’s where the similarities end. A team of adjusters who generally only handle property damage claims will handle the property damage claim, and the same goes for the injury adjusters. In addition to different departments handling these claims, there will also be different releases that you will sign for each claim. This also means that there will be two different settlements as well.

What is a diminished value claim?

Simply put, a diminished value claim is a claim you make against the tortfeasors’s (at-fault party) property damage coverage in an effort to get some of the money back on the car that you lost by it having been in an accident. Once a car has been in an accident, it loses a certain percentage of its value. When pursuing a diminished value claim, our goal is to get as much of that value back that you lost.

What auto coverages need to be available in order for me to get a settlement for my injuries?

In order to get a settlement for your injuries, there needs to be one of two types of auto coverages available. The at-fault party needs to have bodily injury coverage in order for you to get a settlement from their insurance. If they do not have bodily injury coverage, then you can pursue a claim through your own insurance company if you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage on your own policy, or of the policy of the vehicle you were in if you were a passenger. The unfortunate part is the state of Florida does not make bodily injury coverage or underinsured/underinsured motorist coverage a requirement for drivers. Therefore, it is important that we get started on your case as soon as possible so we can find out what coverages are available to you.

Do I have to live in the Orlando area for the Mantia Law Firm to represent me for my case?

No! You do not need to live near our office in order for us to represent you. Our office has represented clients that live out of state and even out of the country. Our entire intake process is done remotely and the settlement process can be done through carrier service if you live too far from our office to come in.
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