What is an At-Fault Accident Attorney?

June 19, 2019


When people get into an auto accident, they typically report the accident to their insurance company. Often times one or both of the parties may hire a lawyer to protect their interests and assist them with a case for their injuries against the at-fault party. Also, during this time, the insurance companies will do an investigation to see who they believe caused the accident.

So what happens when the other party’s insurance company completes their investigation, and claims that you are at-fault for the accident? Do you still have a case? How will you get your vehicle fixed? What if you believe that you were not at-fault for the accident, and think the insurance company got it wrong? All of these questions can be answered with the help of an at-fault accident attorney.

An at-fault accident lawyer is different than your normal personal injury lawyer. An attorney that specializes in taking on clients who were found at fault does a thorough investigation that is independent of the insurance company’s decision. An at-fault lawyer does not just simply accept the results of the insurance company as truth, but rather combats it with their own facts, evidence and statements. In contrast, many of the average personal injury attorneys will let a client go once the insurance company says their client is at-fault for an accident, without doing their own investigation, or listening to their client.

If you have been told you were at-fault for an accident by the insurance company, but believe that you are not, find an attorney that specializes in at-fault auto accidents like the Mantia Law Firm does. At-fault attorneys will go beyond the insurance company’s investigation and speak with witnesses, obtain crash reports, photos of the scene, the cars, your injuries, tire marks, point of impact investigation and anything else that may need investigation for your unique claim. Also, remember that personal injury attorney’s do not get paid a fee unless you obtain a settlement, so you have nothing to loose! Make sure your claim is being investigated the right way with an experienced at-fault attorney.


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