Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Were you hit by a vehicle that is owned by a company, rather than an individual? These vehicles are known as “Commercial Vehicles”. Commercial vehicles are owned by companies, and are used for company purposes. Some examples of commercial vehicles are landscaping trucks, FedEx trucks, and UPS trucks. Commercial policies typically have higher limits than the average auto policy owned by an individual, this is because the company is trying to protect the company assets. Additionally, most of the time these policies are issued by insurance companies that specialize in commercial auto accidents. This is why having an attorney who is experienced in commercial vehicle accidents is so important for your claim.

The Mantia Law Firm has experience with these types of auto accidents, and will assist you through the process of your claim against this commercial insurance companies. To set up a free consultation with a Florida Commercial Vehicle accident attorney who is devoted to providing you with superior legal counsel, personalized attention, and unwavering dedication, please contact the Mantia Law Firm at (407)-722-7727.

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