Hit and Run Accidents

Were you involved in a Hit-and Run auto accident? A hit-and-run accident refers to a type of accident where one vehicle hits another, but does not stop to exchange information, as required by Florida Law. When these accidents happen, it is best to try and safely get photos of whatever you can before the vehicle drives off, if possible. Photos of the type of vehicle, and especially the license plate are extremely important for both the cop investigating the case, and the insurance company.

Just because you were involved in a hit and run, doesn’t mean you don’t have a case. The Mantia Law Firm will do a thorough investigation with the information that you provide us, to try and locate the vehicle, and possible insurance information on the car that hit you. And even if there is no information on the car that hit you, you may still have a case, depending on what insurance you have on your car insurance policy. If you have Uninsured Motorist (UM) Coverage on your policy, you can actually make a claim for your injuries through your insurance. Not sure if you have UM? That’s okay, the Mantia Law Firm will contact your insurance company to confirm your policy coverage.

To set up a free consultation with a Florida Hit and Run accident attorney who is devoted to providing you with superior legal counsel, personalized attention, and unwavering dedication, please contact the Mantia Law Firm at (407)-722-7727.
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